mindufl@work: Base Game Deck (96 cards + virtual play instructions)

mindufl@work: Base Game Deck (96 cards + virtual play instructions)

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What better time in history exists to develop EQ while connecting with co-workers and increasing engagement?! People are LONGING for meaningful connections as remote work continues. We've adapted the original board game to support virtual play so you can keep things fresh and make learning stick

This Base Game Deck includes 96 cards + instructions to facilitate virtual play. Comprised of four sets of 24 color-coded cards representing each of the four-steps of the Mindful Leadership Model: Awareness | Attention | Intention | Action

The Mindful Leadership Model is a framework developed by Pure Ambition to actualize Emotional Intelligence (aka EQ), the practice of increased self-awareness and regulation in concert with better social awareness and increased impact. You don’t need experience with the model to play the game. The game is designed to help you learn as you take a journey through the model stages of Awareness, Attention, Intention, & Action while building more intimate relationships with fellow players. 

For 1-6 players for full gameplay, with options for more players the experience is effective for team building whether start-up, legacy, and/or cross-functional groups and can be played at work, during personal and professional conferences and retreats, and by video conference.

$2 from each box sold go to The Greater Good Science Center.